TSE Tone Stability Enhancer

TSE Tone Stability Enhancer on perinet trompet

for perinet valves

protected by patent law

TSE Tone Stability Enhancer on rotary valve instrument

for rotary valves

protected by patent law


With the TSE I am able to reach the difficult registers on my old instrument much better.
The tone response is more easily and sounds better. Raimund Lippok, tubalernen.de 

The instrument gains in sound volume and the tone response becomes more direct. Conversely, the player has to use less force or can get more sound out of his instrument with the same effort. Holger Mück, Sonic 1.2021

"With the TSE you get a more robust tone and more accuracy, because the tones lock better." Martin Ehlich attests the instruments with TSE a fuller sound, higher sound quality and easier response. Klaus Härtel, Brawoo online 27.12.2021

The result was surprising - it confirmed the subjective impression. The material reinforcement on the valves has a proven effect on the sound.
Helmut Pleschke, Trombone Choir Magazin 2.20

"...a TSE is easy to install and visually discreetly...the sound changes are also noticeable to music colleagues...for small money you can improve your
Holger Mück, Sonic 2017